The Pharaoh and I

Plagues abound
Blood in The Nile
The Pharaoh hardened
Life defiled.

Blood on my chin
Smoking black tar
The dragon I chase
My heart is hard.

Let my people go!
The frogs in a heap
The Pharaoh unfazed
His pride runs deep.

Rivers flooding
I hear The Spring Peepers
I drink like a glutton
Denial runs deeper.

The dust transforms
By the strike of Aaron's staff
The gnats surround 
The Pharaoh still deaf.

Early in the morning
I arise with new meaning
By noon I get high 
I resist God's pleading.

The deceit of The Pharaoh
A feeble compromise
God does not negotiate
In come the flies.

Five on the bottom
Jack on top
Hit me dealer
I can't stop.

His heart unyielding
The Pharaoh would not balk
The Lord told Moses
I will kill his livestock.

Perpetual lust
A debacle ensues
Family destroyed 
My flesh rules.

The soot was thrown
From Moses hand
The boils festered
By God's command.

I kill in my heart
I'm seething within
From God I depart
Jealously wins.

Moses confronts
With God's word to Pharaoh
Let my people go!
Or hail will impale.

Lightening and hail
And thunder resounded
The land was demolished
Will God abandon?

Why do I shirk
And halt like a sloth
God's Spirit is pleading
Like Pharaoh I'm receding.

How long will you refuse
And not be humble
The locust swarmed in
The Pharaoh incompatible.

Eerie darkness
Fell upon Egypt
For three days heavy blackness
Pharaoh still reluctant.

Crisis after crisis
Pharaoh's heart cemented
Loud wailing throughout the land
The first born lamented.

The Pharaoh's affront
To God with pride
My disillusionment 
Similar reply.

Will the plagues fall on me
In a different form
Succumbing to darkness
Abandoned and forlorn.

The Pharaoh was steadfast
Unbending from the start
My mind suspicious
Can He change my heart.

Let myself go!
Holy Spirit enter in
My flesh, please depart
No longer can I contend.


Blowing Wind

Caught in the drift
Blown the wrong way
The tension from guilt
God perilously away
Living in selfishness
The root of unhappiness
Sin is the problem
Perpetual hopelessness.
A break in the wind
The result of prayer
The realization of Christ
We become aware
That we are free
And He is the wind
Blowing us back
To him once again.


Mindful of nothing
Paralyzed dreams
Lazy and apathetic
What does it mean.
Rash and unfinished
Resolve is diminished
I seem to compete
With what I can't complete.
Moment by moment
Grandiose feelings
Never content
Nothing appealing.
Is this a test
That God is dealing
My heart is stubborn
My mind is stealing.
Stealing His will for my soul
I still refuse, I still feel dull.
Oh, he is persistent
Despite my distance
I don't take serious
What seems so mysterious.
The fulfillment in Him
And in Him alone
Seems so nebulous
My faith is incredulous.
But nothing is working
And nothing I feel
God help me to reach thee
To You I appeal.

For Us

Jesus in the garden
His plight, Gods plan, He knew
He prayed with sorrow and anguish
He knew what would ensue.
Can one man endure all sin?
Can he take on Gods mission?
His sweat tinged with blood
He fell face down in submission.
The agony and torture was upon Him
The Judas kiss labeled Him the accused 
He was mocked, beaten, and flogged
He was spat upon, His heart contused.
Prophecies and miracles made it obvious
That Jesus is the Son of God
But that did not matter to Caiaphas
As Pilate's soldiers continued to flog.
The Lamb would not perish
Until it was all complete
He endured the cross to Skull
"They have pierced my hands and feet."
He had finally breathed His last.
He bore the sin of the World
The future and the past.


I cast my nets
I walked on water
You are The Christ 
You are The Father.
I will die
I will not leave
I'll never disown
The Nazarene.
You were with Him
The girl cried
I don't know Him
I denied.
I swear to God
I swore and cursed
I gave my oath
The rooster rehearsed.
For three times
I did not say
I cried, I wept
I ran away.
Jesus looked back
My repentance he foreknew
He felt my sorrow
He made me new.