Black Sam

On an Island
All alone
Salty Sweet Air
Ocean foam

A glitter in the sand
Sparkling brown peeking through
I go to uncover
Old bottle, 100 proof

I uncork it
And take a whiff
Island Rum
Strong and stiff

I sweat and ponder
It’s been so many years
I nearly forgot
All the hurt and fears

I hold the bottle tight
And dig my feet in the sand
My toes touch something
I drop the bottle from my hand

I search with wonder
And dust off the leather
That was buried beneath
So old and weathered

I quizzically pulled it up
As the sand slid gently down
An old book was revealed
Tattered, loosely bound

I brush off the cover
Used my spit to wipe clean
There it was embossed
King James 1717

I thought of a Pirate
Alone in deep thought
Anguished by his past
Right at this spot

Did he have this Bible
And the rum in hand
Cursing and wailing
Beating the sand

The bottle I see
The Bible next to me
I open the front cover
For, Captain Samuel Bellamy

A pirate a poet
From booze he would abstain
So why this bottle
Next to King James

…to be continued

Is There a Heaven?

Is there a heaven
A life beyond here
Where all our heartache evaporates
In a dimension unclear

Is there a heaven 
Where we can ALL be
Tears and fears diminish 
A broken World we leave

Is there a heaven
Please let there be
Where visions are made of our fondest dreams, 
And most cherished memories 

Is there a heaven 
Where Christ welcomes us in
Or are we doubting
Because of our sin

Is there a heaven
With an enormous celebration
With the people we love
Sweet coronation

Is there a heaven
What must we achieve
Lead a good and perfect life
Or just simply believe

Is there a heaven
There must be so
Nothing perfect on Earth exists
We are so troubled below

Is there a heaven
A place Christ calls paradise
He died on the cross
To conquer our strife

Is there a heaven
What must we pay
Nothing, by the grace of God
If we believe in His way

Is there a heaven 
Can you get in
Or will we view from afar 
Trapped and hurting within

Is there a heaven
Can it be true
Or is there just darkness
Just nothing, just you

Just you without life
Or nothing to hope for
Dismal and alone
Behind the locked door

Where there is celebration
And elation by the people you recognize
And you keep on knocking
Alone on the dark side

Give up, shake free
From those chains that bind you in
Submit break free
And let God take you in

Get a glimpse of it now
Have faith in The Word
And your eternity will start now

Solomon’s Wisdom?

Solomon's wisdom 
Was far and wide
Understanding as measureless
As the sand on the seaside

He spoke 3 thousand proverbs
His songs numbered a thousand and five
God was always with him
His wisdom continued to thrive

The temple he built
With precision and care
God's presence was felt
God's presence was there

His wisdom turned to wealth
Of spectacular amount
Six hundred and sixty six talents of gold
Yearly he would count

The Lord commanded,
"You must not intermarry!"
Solomon, though wise
Would pursue the contrary

Solomon had a weakness
He held fast to lust
He had seven hundred wives
Whose God He'd trust

Like his father David
Lust clouded his mind
Solomon's wisdom not perfect
He left God behind

Wisdom and power,
Known to corrupt
And the allure of sin
Can be so abrupt

So just when you think,
You have it all together
Be wise and stay close
To God forever


Armor of God

Related image
Fallen Angels 
Claw at my mind
Infested with evil
They torture with lies
They lure me with pleasures
And temptations of lust
Temporary euphoria
I awaken with disgust
Waves of victory
I'll feel each day
But only for a moment
As I give to Satan's way
His Army is relentless
Their bounty is death
Directed by their leader
With an evil stench on his breath
I feel defeated 
By His voices of guilt
I turn to The Word
For the armor God built
The armor of truth
That protects my mind
From the Evil Satan spews
I leave behind 

His Whisper

Yearning to hear Him
We fall to our knees

Broken and burdened
We beg and plead

Speak to me Oh Lord
And let me hear

Just a whispering voice
In my hopeful ear

His message we think
May not exist we fear

But it may be our yearning
Half-hearted, not real

An idol before Him
Will blot out His voice

We tend to our selfishness
And hear the wrong voice

Uncover God’s plan
That is hidden and deep

Beneath your vices
That sabotage His reap

Earnestly call to Him
Without a cluttered mind

Be still and quiet
Leave the past behind

His voice will seep in
Like a gentle whispered blow

Through the static you’ll hear it
His voice will grow

So lift up your ear
And patiently listen

His Spirit will hear you
No judgement or derision

Be still and wait
In your early, darkened room

He’ll come to you with whispers
Like peering light from the moon


Can it be?

Will my soul be relieved?

Despite its darkness

I long to be free.

Like the child I used to be

The innocence inside of me

Far away and hidden

By all that was forbidden.

Like a wound that doesn’t heal

And oozes of infection

My mind deceives

My soul hardens with rejection.

Is it Satan that I allow to dwell?

Inside of my mind, my soul in hell

Allowing Satan to win

This battle within.

As I yearn for satisfaction

From all the evil distractions

The scar tissue builds

My soul seems unfulfilled.

God help me defeat

The evils I repeat

I let Christ penetrate

My soul does not deviate.

I am feeling renewed

My soul feels warm

Satan is subdued

My mind unharmed.

But it isn’t over

This battle in me

But at least I know

How it feels to be free.

Delilah’s Charm

Delilah’s charm
Samson’s strong arm
Delilah’s deceit
Samson she’d meet
Silver on her mind
Silver on her tounge
Delilah tried new ropes
And fresh thongs
Samson had faith
Samson was strong
Delilah seduced
Samson was reduced
Physically strong
But lusted all along
Samson falls prey
To Delilah he obeyed
Braids of hair
Samson had seven
His secret of strength
Grew a great length
Samson’s lust
At Delilah he gazed
Clouded by sex
His head was shaved
Attracted by beauty
He failed to look inside
Delilah’s flattery
Samson’s demise

His Strength

We are weak
We are fragile
Our pride deceives us
To believe we can handle
Handle it all
Without relying on Him
Handle it all
World full of sin
Faith is farfetched
Christ seems unreal
Tell me, tell me please
How can we deal
We search and search
We grow weaker and weaker
As we satisfy Satan’s call
We plunge even deeper
We finally hit bottom
Lost and depressed
Guilt overcomes us
We cry and repent
Our strength depleted
His strength revealed
We begin to believe
We begin to heal


We all fall prey
By the end of the day
The sin within
We always give in
The righteous pursuit
We acknowledge yet refute
Our way to the light 
Is nearly out of sight
The wisdom Solomon teaches
Even he hypocritically breaches
We try and try 
Not a day goes by
We discount and legitimize
Our quarrels and lies
 Just as Moses, killed The Egyptian
Our impulsive acts lead to deception
We all tend to waiver 
Between good and bad behavior
Why oh why
Does not a day go by
Where we can be free
Yet we continue to pursue
What is lewd and untrue.
Even King David 
Was blemished with sin
Bethsheba and Uriah
His heart hardened within
What are the circumstances
If we continue to offend
Will God have mercy
And gracefully rescind
The Law we cannot fulfill
As God observed
So He sent his Son
Do we deserve?


Calvin Surmises

Who has He chosen
Before the beginning of time
Who is rejected
His choice or mine
He chose believers in Christ
Before the foundations of The World
What happens to those who refuse Him
To the depths of seperation are they hurled?
The mystery of salvation
Deep in His timeless mind
Where is your destination
Will you be left behind
From the masses of guilty and sinful
He is merciful to only a select
Some by his election receive
Others He passes over and rejects
“He has mercy on whom He wills
And whom He wills He hardens”
Judas Iscariot, The Pharaohs heart
Damned from the beginning, no pardon
Is it by His choice alone
Not by our labor under the sun
“Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated”
Grace to some others none?
Is God so arbitrary
That he choses blind like a lottery
Our is it justice we deserve
Because of our own mockery
“Many shall be purified, made spotless, and refined
But the wicked will remain wicked
And that is by God’s design”
To follow our own lusts and passions
That darken our very soul
Or to be robed in white linen
And walk the streets of gold
The Book of Life is written
Our names are there, or not
Those He foreknew He predestined
The faith you have He begot
By the Grace of God we are saved
Through the Blood of Christ we were bought
Be thankful that you have received
That faith you received in your thoughts